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The direct and hidden costs of slow customer adoption, sales’ reluctance to promote the latest version and the resulting lack of confidence among the customer base can be very high. Just like with our Product Management Assessment, every Go-To-Market Planning engagement begins with a thorough assessment of your team and practices so that we may help identify quick fixes that will have lasting positive impact.


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Your Go-to-Market (GTM) plan is the integration of product planning, marketing planning, competitive assessment, channel strategy and sales execution.  It is your most important lever to achieve market success and to recoup your company’s product development investment.

Egress’ Go-to-Market Planning is an augmentation service that employs standard frameworks, methods and tools to improve the effectiveness of your next product introduction. The service provides you with key success metrics to demonstrate a return on the GTM effort and expense.  We help organizations improve their go-to-market agility and to drive product adoption, sales velocity and product revenue growth.

Key Benefits

  • Demonstrate the return on effort and expense
  • Accelerate product adoption opportunities in key segments
  • Increase velocity through better sales enablement
  • Identify go-to-market indicators that lead to tangible business results

Service Deliverables

While the specific objectives and deliverables will vary for each engagement, here are typical Egress deliverables.

  • Go-to-market business assessment
  • Quick competitive review
  • Key go-to-market indicators and metrics
  • GTM execution and implementation guidance
  • Go-to-market tools and templates