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Often we learn that our clients are frustrated with the process of capturing and integrating customer input. They are awash in information, but still make only educated guesses at what to incorporate into new releases or next generation products. Struggling with similar problems? We may be able to help.


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Market discovery is  an indispensable part of your product planning and go-to-market activities, but sorting out what your customers are really telling you, and more importantly what features they will pay for, requires more than collecting anecdotal information and survey results.

We help you convert your unstructured voice-of-customer data into near-term market opportunities and a list of market-viable features validated by additional research.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively capture market requirements
  • Enhance your  team’s ability to use buyer and market feedback
  • Gain new insight from customer and market validation information
  • Improve sales velocity through  better market sensing and positioning
  • Reduce the time from the concept phase to the build phase

Service Deliverables

While the specific objectives and deliverables will vary for each engagement, here are typical Egress deliverables.