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As a product management leader, or executive with overall responsibility for the success of the products that your company creates and markets, it’s critical to maximize the performance of your product teams. Let’s have a conversation about the value of an unbiased assessment.


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Egress Solutions’ product management assessment provides a thorough evaluation of the current state of your product management team.  The Product Management Assessment is based on a proven framework that helps your organization improve product management and product team effectiveness. Our approach brings visibility to the most challenging areas of the product lifecycle.

You gain insight into the most important areas limiting your product team performance. Including the following disciplines:

Product Management Organization Practices

  • Evaluate use of consistent methods
  • Examine team member’s charter and roles
  • Review team structure

These evaluations are conducted through an online survey and a series of executive interviews.

Product Manager Knowledge and Skills

  • Evaluate individual’s knowledge and skills
  • Map and score skill level using a standard framework

This knowledge and skills assessment is conducted via one on one interviews and surveys with individual product team members.

Key Benefits

  • Improve overall product team effectiveness
  • Increase product lifecycle velocity
  • Accelerate product adoption
  • Improve product team performance with key metrics

Service Deliverables

While specific objectives and deliverables will vary for each engagement, here are examples from prior projects:

  • Product Management/Product team assessment
  • Product lifecycle process review
  • Product impact and opportunity on business
  • Product team indicators and metrics
  • Implementation guidance
  • Findings and recommendations

Based on our experience, an assessment of your product management team is the best place to start.