Elevate the effectiveness of your product management team by measuring only what matters.  Linking product health with the  customer, market, operational and technology lenses requires a roadmap. Let us show you how our clients are getting amazing results.

You have established a strong high performing team of product managers and related staff.  You would like to quantify the value of the function and demonstrate  better alignment with company goals and targets.

Like most product team leaders, you are ready to take on appropriate targets and goals. In some cases even hand them down to individuals.

But which targets?

We have been at the center of the product management KPI and metrics dialog for several years. Through a lot of conversations with product leaders, research, and yes a bit of trial and error, we have gained valuable insight into what to measure in the Product Management Lifecycle (PMLC) and most important what not to.

Any high performance program must have a long term view. It is essential that cross-functional stakeholders buy-in to the overall objectives and timeframes.

The KPI’s and measurements must only be used as shorthand for indicating how well the team’s efforts are in sync with company strategic goals and objectives.

Examine sample KPI’s and measurements that have been used with success by other product management teams and product teams, learn more about KPIs and metrics.