“The team from Egress helped us reconsider this enormous market opportunity. The insight we got from this project and it potential for reuse was extremely valuable.”

- VP Marketing Financial Services

Market-Driven Product New Product

  • Financial Institution Switching Solution sales stalled
  • Sales stopped offering the capabilities and existing customers were getting enough value.
  • Cost of deployment was almost 2x projection.
  • Senior leadership evaluated killing the product.

Deluxe needed:

  • Fast and accurate assessment of the market opportunity based on qualitative and quantitative information
  • To identify potential early adopters of a 2.0 release and engage them.
  • Provide a viable and credible 2 year market projection.
  • Define a prototype to get  customer commitments
  • Developed a 2.0 design with customer involvement and commitment.
  • Build a 2 year projection that met the ROI of senior leadership.
  • Gained alignment from with sales and marketing stakeholders for key product features.
  • Gained budget approval to build.