“We have struggled with understanding and implementing effective product management for years…Egress Solutions quickly assessed our situation and educated our management team … They got to the heart of our issues quickly, so we could move to implementation.”


Outside-in Organization Design

  • Ineffective product management team impacting the entire organization.
  • Senior leadership lacked experience in how to structure a team, recruit and retain top tier product management talent.
  • Product strategy was driven by near term customer opportunities.
  • The organization was sales and engineering driven

Forward Advantage needed:

  • An comprehensive assessment of leadership, stakeholders and the product management team to identify process breaks and skills gaps.
  • A prescriptive product management process and a detailed methodology.
  • A model organization structure and staffing benchmarks.
  • Current position descriptions and well defined roles.
  • Adapted and implemented a lean pragmatic outside-in method to guide product management activities.
  • Gained alignment and buy-in with senior leadership and key stakeholders.
  • Implemented and integrated product management best practices with open innovation principles.