“Before Egress Solutions,  the Pragmatic Marketing  framework was just a poster  on the wall. Now it’s a  cultural change throughout the organization, putting the  framework into practice.”

– Global Director of Product Operations

Speed-to-Market Implementation

  • Product organization was completely inside-out
  • Requirements hand off from PM to development was ineffective.
  • Attempts to move to a more agile framework had stalled.
  • Product delays were common; user adoption of new releases was poor.
  • Executives launched a broad initiative to improve “speed to market.”

Revotal Systems needed:

  • An accurate assessment of the product management team; to identify process breaks and skills gaps.
  • To streamline requirements gathering and prioritization.
  • To improve the reliability of initial sizing and estimates.
  • To improve the quality of user stories and requirements.
  • Developed a practical outside-in process to maximize velocity and quality.
  • Implemented a standard framework for requirements and user stories.
  • Custom designed a requirements and user story workshop to change the product management practice.
  • Established peer review to ensure higher quality requirements.
  • Implemented the process with automated tools.