Building a new product or an extension for an existing product is an amazing feat. However, it is only the midpoint to a successful product.  Product launch and go-to-market planning is an essential practice to achieve market success.

Knowing  what your target buyers value, and how to message them translate into rapid adoption. Product market success hinges on clearly translating that insight into a value proposition that resonates. Our Go-to-Market consulting service is based upon product marketing best practices and proven product launch approaches   from the Pragmatic Marketing Framework™. Through workshops, consulting and coaching, we help your product marketing and product launch teams differentiate your products and gain adoption and user acceptance fast.

Key Benefits

  • Improve positioning and messaging
  • Translate market problems into a differentiated value proposition
  • Develop ability to pivot quickly with changing market conditions

How it Works

We conduct a thorough assessment of your market and organization, culminating in a highly-customized workshop on how to capture, define and communicate value propositions. , The workshop leverages insight gathered from strategic activities based on the Product Marketing best practice and  the Pragmatic Marketing Framework™.

Service Deliverables

  • Interview stakeholders via an assessment survey
  • Review critical product marketing documents
  • Identify and document process gaps
  • Identify role discrepancies
  • Provide specific recommendations and actions
  • Adapt product management case study material
  • Design and deliver customized workshops

Getting Started

We are a client-centered consulting practice.  As such, we work collaboratively with our clients to establish areas where we can make significant impact and deliver phenomenal business results.

We are interested in helping you get clear about the challenges your organization faces and in illuminating a path forward. Contact us to schedule an exploratory conversation.