Why are we missing revenue targets and suffering from low conversion rates?
Why are our prospects and customers not adopting our products and new features?

A recent MIT survey of more than 400 global CEOs found that excellence in execution of their go to market strategy was their number one challenge.

However, pinpointing the underlying cause of your Go To Market pain points can be difficult.

C-Suite executives and stakeholders lack clarity as to why product sales growth and product adoption are falling short of plan.

Egress’s Go-to-Market Gap Assessment pinpoints the specific components of your go-to-market strategy that require focus.  Using quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, we assess your target customer alignment, value proposition, pricing, competitive differentiation, positioning, and launch our clients to expeditiously align their efforts on the areas that will produce the fastest and greatest impact on the health of their business.

Key Benefits

  • Align resources to address specific GTM execution gaps
  • Enact fully your GTM strategy
  • Increase product adoption
  • Realize your revenue and conversion rate targets

How it Works

  • 360-degree review of your GTM strategy and execution: Target Customer, Value Proposition, Pricing, Competitive Differentiation, Positioning, and Launch Efforts
  • Quantitative Assessment to determine which areas of focus are gaps
  • Qualitative Interviews to extract root cause se and establish priorities

Service Deliverable

  • Results of findings, articulating strengths and weaknesses in your GTM efforts
  • Identify and document GTM strengths and weaknesses (gaps)
  • Recommendations on where to focus your time to resolve your GTM challenges
  • Strategic and tactical action plan to optimize and prioritize your team's efforts to see results quickly

Getting Started

The first step is simple; download and complete the Go-to-Market Assessment Guide. The assessment guide provides insight into the areas and opportunities to improve the product growth and adoption.

If you have specific questions about your score or how you can transition into a scalable high-performance product team contact us by completing the form below.