As a senior executive or product leader, you recognize that your company’s lagging product sales and low adoption are the results of the process and people issues within your product team.

It’s time to bring in a product management consultant or a product marketing consultant to help define and shape a new point of leverage to get product sales and product adoption on an accelerated track.

A quick infusion of highly skilled expertise that can diagnose, prescribe and deliver is of high value to the team and the entire organization.

The consulting firm has to be able to deliver value, accelerate business outcomes and help your product team execute in areas that solve real issues.

Why Egress Solutions

  • Egress Solutions Inc. is a high-touch, a boutique Product Consulting firm committed to the success of our clients.
  • Our industry-leading product consulting services give our clients the ability to shift to market-driven practices that accelerate product growth and adoption.
  • Our product team assessment, buyers’ insight assessment, and go-to-market assessment services provide data that guide companies to successful business outcomes.
  • Our engagements combine quantitative and qualitative methods to pinpoint key areas of product creation process to focus on.
  • Our clients range from leading midmarket software and technology companies to global enterprise software companies.
  • Our engagements baked-in value as they are fixed price with defined deliverables.
  • We are experts in applied Product Management and Development frameworks spanning Pragmatic Marketing, Lean, and SAFe.
  • Our deliverables translate findings into actionable recommendations with a clear approach to knowledge transfer, teach, and improve your team.

Custom Product Consulting

As a high-touch product consulting firm, we work with companies that seek custom product consulting services.

Our goal with custom engagements is to help you build high-performance product teams and world-class products.

We understand there is a need to deliver new capabilities and knowledge that help solve real business issues.

Egress provides product management consulting and product marketing consulting expertise to help transform our clients into high-performance product management and product marketing organizations that build successful products.

We bring the experience of more than 100 product management and product marketing consulting projects to each client engagement.

How to get started

The first step is simple; download and complete the one of the Product Management Excellence Guide, the Buyers’ Insight Analysis and Assessment or the Go-to-Market Assessment Guide. These assessment guides provide insight into the areas and opportunities to improve your product, your processes or your people.

If you have specific questions about your score or how you can implement these best practices, contact us by completing the form below.