The Egress Solutions Product Team Assessment examines and benchmarks existing product management and product marketing activities and methods compared to the Product Management Lifecycle (PMLC).

We have conducted hundreds of client engagements and understand what it takes to create and manage a world-class product organization. This process provides insight into your product organization’s effectiveness and opportunities for improvement.

Key Benefits

  • Realize a return on your investment sooner
  • Accelerate the transition to a high performance team
  • Rapidly adopt proven product management activities and KPIs

How it Works

The approach includes collecting key data and information from interviews with members of the product management team and key stakeholders. We benchmark your current state against companies in your industry segment.

Service Deliverables

  • Identify and document process gaps
  • Identify role discrepancies
  • Identify competency model
  • Examine organization structure
  • Document and report all findings
  • Provide specific recommendations and actions

Getting Started

We are a client-centered consulting practice. As such, we work collaboratively with our clients to establish areas where we can make a significant impact and deliver phenomenal business results.

We are interested in helping you get clear about the challenges your organization faces and in illuminating a path forward.

Contact us to schedule an exploratory conversation.