Product management is where strategy and execution meet, creating great products and solutions. As a leader of a technology firm, you recognize the importance of Product Management.

You know that if your team is not optimized with the right charter, framework, and structure, you will experience product delays, lower adoption and ultimately lagging product sales.
Our Product Team Assessment has been used by hundreds of CEO’s, COO’s and VP’s of Product to up-level their Product Management organizations and to create high-performance teams.
When properly structured and staffed our clients have seen returns up to 5 times their product management investment.

Key Benefits

• Accelerate the transition to a high-performance, market-driven team
• Align product management team with key business outcomes
• Improve the effectiveness of product development
• Accelerate product adoption and product sales growth

How it Works

• Quantitative assessment of product management team
• Examine current products, processes, and tools
• Interviews with C-Suite executives, product executives, and stakeholders
• Calibrate product managers roles compared industry norms
• Analyze organization structure, staffing levels, and reporting

Service Deliverables

• Identify and document process gaps
• Identify role discrepancies
• Identify optimal PM model
• Provide specific recommendations and
• Strategic and tactical action-plan

Product Management AssessmentGetting Started

The first step is simple; download and complete the Product Management Excellence Guide. The assessment guide provides you with insight into the areas and opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the product management function.

If you have specific questions about your score or how you can transition into a scalable, high-performance product team contact us by completing the form below.