As a result of the training and mentoring Egress provided, I no longer wake up dreading the fires I and my team will have to put out.

– VP of Marketing Financial Services, Deluxe

Egress was founded in 2006 with a simple mission — to help technology companies create better products and market them more successfully. As you are likely aware, companies that can effectively tune into the desires of their customers, beat their competition to market with great products, and excite everyone along the chain from client to reseller to sales rep… will also succeed in just about every business metric.

We make that all possible for our clients.

Our team is composed of subject matter experts in product management, product marketing and go-to-market results. We are technology industry professionals with experience in senior leadership roles and front line positions at technology start-ups and fortune 500 companies.

Since our tenures within technology companies, we have refined our methodology and services in order to adapt to each client’s challenges, quickly impact their effectiveness, and leave them with new practices and know-how so they can keep developing and marketing great products.

Our customers achieve this success because we help them put what is common sense into common practice.