We have helped solve the most common, and the most challenging product management and product marketing problems.

We need help with product due diligence

What are you acquiring? A complete software product or a collection of assets? The best way to find out is through a combined market, business and technical evaluation.

How we help

We dig deep into the functionality and into market data to give you objective, knowledgeable analysis and help you avoid surprises. We focus our evaluation on impact to the business and provide recommendations to business and technical audiences.

How can we reduce cycle time in our product planning?

The whole product team feels the pressure to get new products out there faster. Customers are demanding more and competitors get to market just ahead of you.

How we help

Product definition and planning stages are complex activities. As the product matures technical debt can become a big inhibitor. Identify and streamlining outdated steps the parts that slow your team down is key. Our approach is to overlay just enough process to remove any bottlenecks and to support efficient delivery.

We start with an assessment to understand your practices, and where and why bottlenecks exist – we recommend just enough process to speed up your planning stage.

How do we get more predictable go-to-market results?

You have built it, released it and trained sales. But the customer reaction to the new product version is muted. Most are not buying or willing to upgrade. The sales team is sticking with the current version for now. It doesn’t matter if it’s missed functionality, missed segmentation or poor messaging; no one wants to see a new product “sit on the shelf.”

How we help

Every product launch has some level of risk. A failed launch is one of the most common product marketing problems. Most important is starting with clear objectives for each go-to-market component. Good skills, good process, and good metrics are essential to developing a sound go-to-market plan and delivering on it.

Our hands-on prep and planning workshops will give teams a repeatable and scalable process that helps them reduce the uncertainty from product launch programs.

How can we accelerate “outside-in” adoption?

You have trained and shifted the product management team to an outside-in focus. Following best practice and your best judgment they are accountable for listening to the voice of the customer. The adoption seems straight forward, but the entire organization appears to be dragging its feet. It is taking too long to see the impact and results on new product initiatives. Product managers are still tightly coupled to the development process. Telling them to leave the building and go into the market is not working.

How we help

We give you expert guidance on the specific changes in process or roles needed to standardize voice of market information. We can help implement an activity-based plan that includes providing hands-on support to product team members including how to organize, prepare and interview to get voice of customer data.

From custom workshops to coaching, we will support your product managers from initial assessment through the outside-in transformation.