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We’ve learned both through our roles in fast-moving technology companies, and through numerous consulting engagements — that simplicity and clarity lead to the best results. That’s why the foundation of our product management consulting methodology is “common sense into common practice.” We’ve designed our approach explicitly to:

  • ASSESS product management practices, product team effectiveness and individual skills.
  • PLAN a lean-oriented implementation, develop team knowledge and tools that have immediate and visible impact.
  • EXECUTE on customized learning, team and individual targets improve overall performance.
  • MONITOR progress and results focused on product health and market success measurements

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Good Theory Great Practice

We lead our engagements with real-world examples that allow product teams to implement what they learned in the classroom. Sending product managers and product marketers to general training classes on best practices is a good idea in fact we consider it a prerequisite.  The hard part about training is making it work after class and modifying principles to fit in your culture.   Our work ensures the “final mile” of translating theory into practice.

Our engagement framework is a 4-step process that is designed to:

  • Assess the product team’s strengths compared with similar companies.
  • Identify key measures that align company objectives.
  • Recommend tools that make the new practice stick.
  • Provide an iterative framework  to apply at any stage.
  • Focus the product team and stakeholders on high impact results.
  • Enable the product team to execute better.