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Managing product managers is very different from being a product manager – your role is not just “super product manager”. Your success is linked to bringing scale and consistency to the entire function.

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Our services support your company to accomplish your most important objectives. We assess your organization then through customized solutions help you align your teams, tailor the right framework to your situation, and implement to achieve serious return on investment. Along the way we act as advisor, coach, leader, and managed services partner.

Product Management Assessment

Your team has made improvements, however they need to clear the next level of performance. There are gaps and skill deficits that must be addressed. A product team assessment examines multiple factors that affect team and individual performance. Seeing the strengths and skills gaps in the product management lifecycle will give you and your team what you need to adjust priorities, modify roles and become more effective.  You would like to speed up the product lifecycle, and measure the right things going forward. [Learn more]

Product Management Framework Implementation

A framework is only useful if it fits your company and can be adopted by everyone involved in the creation of your products. Through custom workshops, executive and team coaching, and a library of resources, we help you align your team, tune into your customers, and capitalize on market opportunities faster. [Learn more]

Market Discovery

Your knowledge of your customers and potentials is the core element of an excellent product management practice, Egress Solutions is equipped to help you glean more from your market research investment and capitalize on opportunities. [Learn more]

  • Managed Win-Loss Program

    Your company has new insight into the buyer’s decision process. Learn what else you could be missing?

    Our win-loss program is a complete managed services solution designed to help you identify winning features, and position your products to win in a competitive environment. [Learn more]

  • Market Assessment

    Greater insight into the priorities of your ideal customers and potentials is essential to focusing your team. By conducting customer, partner and prospect interviews, as well as investigating market research reports, we provide insight into the ripe opportunities. A thorough market assessment from Egress Solutions will help you and your team understand trends, identify barriers and create successful product strategies. [Learn more.]