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You don’t have to go in blind or peel critical resources away from ongoing work. We have the expertise and the resources to identify and size up a market opportunity. Let’s talk to see how we can help.


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Market -Assessment

To seize a potential new market opportunity requires insight about prospective buyers, competitors, and trends.

The pressure to define the product and get development underway, usually limits ability to better understand your potential buyers and validate.  Cutting corners will  lead to product adoption and sales velocity challenges later on, but making tradeoffs between the time spent on market planning vs. the spent on product development is your reality.

Egress Solutions can help alleviate the problem. Through direct interviews with customers, potentials, channel partner feedback, interpretation of analyst reports and competitor benchmarking, our team will help you see the opportunity more clearly.

Key Benefits

  • Understand current and future trends
  • Identify perceived barriers clients have to engaging with your company
  • Size market potential
  • Determine gaps in the market and assess the opportunity to exploit

Service Deliverables

  • Customer, partner and prospect interviews
  • Survey design and implementation plan
  • Complete survey outputs and notes
  • Survey reports and recommendations