Over the years we have enjoyed working with dozens of medium and large technology companies around the world. The common thread across these engagements is that their executive management recognizes and prioritizes the value of developing and marketing the right product, to the right audience, and at the right time.

In some cases they are already familiar with, or have even implemented, frameworks to help their product organizations accomplish this objective. Regardless, after performing a Product Team Assessment, we develop a customized plan to help them adopt just the right best practices.

We work alongside our clients’ product teams to conduct Insight Analysis, implement Product Management practices, and show them how to achieve repeatable Go-To-Market success.

Market-driven Product

“The team from Egress helped us reconsider this enormous market opportunity. The insight we got from this project and it potential for reuse was extremely valuable.” - VP Marketing Financial Services

Accelerating Product Management Success

“Egress provided a thorough assessment identifying strengths, weaknesses, and gaps along with recommendations for what we need to do to transition our PM team to excellence. The Egress final report provided the framework we needed to move forward and we are well on our way to executing their playbook of recommendations. They know their stuff and we intend to do more work with them in the future.” - CEO & President

Improving Customer Success

“As part of our Rally Cry to drive customer retention, Egress was critical in providing us the data we needed to make strategic decisions and improvements for our customers…. Internally people still refer to ‘the Egress report’. It has provided us with tremendous value.” - COO