“Egress provided a thorough assessment identifying strengths, weaknesses, and gaps along with recommendations for what we need to do to transition our PM team to excellence.  The Egress final report provided the framework we needed to move forward and we are well on our way to executing their playbook of recommendations.  They know their stuff and we intend to do more work with them in the future.”

- CEO & President

Accelerating Product Management Success

PerfectServe, healthcare’s most comprehensive and secure care team collaboration platform, realized that to achieve their business goals required a significant investment in their Product Management organization. They sought an outside resource with product management expertise. The objective was to:

  • Improve the team’s alignment with the company’s business strategy.
  • Evaluate the PM organization structure.
  • Build a playbook PerfectServe could implement.

Egress provided an unbiased third party review of PerfectServe’sPM organization which involved:

  • Combined quantitative and qualitative analysis through surveys and interviews
  • A benchmark analysis comparing PerfectServewith other software firms in the segment.

The solution was delivered in the form of:

  • A scorecard on the PM teams strengths and weaknesses
  • Prioritized recommendations based on effort level and impact to the business
  • A newly designed organizational structure
  • A full knowledge transfer on the data collected
  • Comprehensive PM Team Assessment, performed rapidly and on-time
  • Achieved cross-functional clarity on PM Charter for success
  • Ability to immediately execute on Playbook of Recommendations
  • Clear deliverables and knowledge transfer
  • Trusted PM experts - Intend to use Egress Solutions again