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“Egress provided Market research that allowed us to move quickly on this opportunity. Their team partnered with us to define the project and what we needed to do. Egress was able to accelerate our timeline from opportunity identification to delivery.”
Kevin Smith, Syntellis CPO


Syntellis Performance Solutions delivers modern, scalable, and innovative enterprise performance management solutions that transform the client’s vision into reality by empowering them to:
Acquire Insights; helping our clients see the bigger picture.
Accelerate Decisions; giving clients the ability to strategize smarter
Advance the Plan and propel their organizations forward.
Syntellis chose Egress Solutions to complete a Product Market Fit project that delivered a market assessment, competitive analysis and buyer insights for a key market opportunity in the Treasury Management space.

The Project

The TMSS initiative was sponsored by Syntellis Performance Solutions CEO Kermit Randa and CPO Kevin Smith. Syntellis Performance Solutions partnered with Egress Solutions to validate several assumptions about new product opportunities with existing and potential customers in the Health Care and Higher Education verticals.
Egress completed a full stack assessment of the Treasury Operations segment and made recommendations on near term and long-term market size, product differentiation, competitive landscape, buying criteria and target pricing.
Once Egress Solutions provided the product/ market fit and return on investment Syntellis got the green light to scope the product and build out the design ultimately delivering a proof of concept.

The Results

Egress Solutions’ product management allowed Syntellis to capitalize on a near term market opportunity without disrupting committed projects. At the completion of the engagement Syntellis was able to immediately move into a full fledge development effort and complete version 1 of the solution in record time.

Key Benefits for Syntellis Performance Solutions

  • Engaged with product management experts that brought critical market data.
  • Quickly ramp up key phases of the project such as product/market fit.
  • Conduct an outside-in market and product discovery to reduce risk.
  • Capture PM best practices and processes that can be reused in future projects.
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