Product management organizations can have a profound effect on a company’s success – or failure – and every C-level executive should thoughtfully and intentionally utilize product management as a key member of the C-team.

Simply put, no other person in the company understands all the following better than the product manager:

  • Market
  • Sales process
  • Competition
  • Product roadmap
  • Why the product(s) win and lose
  • Users
  • Product lifecycle
  • Price sensitivity
  • M&A opportunities
  • Vision
Product Manager-multi-tasks

Here are statements from C-Suite friends of mine from different companies who have embraced Product Management:

Product management - CEO view
Product management - CTO view
Product management - CMO view
Product management - CRO view
Product management - CFO view

Product management decisions can make-or-break a company or a product. Product management should be the central aggregation point that considers market needs, customer needs, and company strategy. From those inputs, a product vision and associated strategy is the outcome of which priorities for funding engineering efforts, sales, go-to-market strategy, pricing, packaging, positioning, services, and operation plans result. In this manner, product management should be the heart and soul of the product direction.

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