Managing product managers is very different from being a product manager – your role is not just “super product manager”. Your success is linked to bringing scale and consistency to the entire function.

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Successful product management functions are established on four key dimensions:

  • Organization or structure aligned for product success
  • Utilization of a framework and tools for persistence and scale
  • Adoption and use of performance measures that monitor progress
  • Understanding the characteristics  of successful  product managers

Based on previous research only about 1 in 4 companies are considered best in class building and sustaining highly effective product management functions.

What have these companies done to lead the pack?

They have gained insight as they assess their functions capabilities in key practices, processes, methods, and documents for Product Management.  Learn more about the product management assessment

They have also successfully linked the product management capabilities with high impact metrics by measuring what matters and drives overall product health.  Learn more about product team metrics