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“Egress provided a common framework that aligned all of our go-to-market stakeholders and gave us the ability to shift from tracking activities and tasks to managing accountability and outcomes.”
Fran Rosch, Forgerock’s CEO


ForgeRock helps people access the connected world – safely and simply. More than a thousand global brands – from the largest financial institutions, major manufacturers, and prominent media companies to critical government agencies – trust ForgeRock to help grow their organizations, manage risk, and reduce costs.

The Project

Project Accelerate was sponsored by ForgeRock CEO Fran Rosch. ForgeRock engaged Egress Solutions to drive the project to improve the clarity and coordination across their Go-To-Market Operating Model. Egress worked with cross-functional teams such as product management, product marketing, solution architects, sales operations, and sales enablement to improve the company’s product release and launch activities through increased clarity into roles and responsibilities and process coordination for their growing SaaS business.
Egress worked with an internal ForgeRock team to design and implement best practices built on frameworks such as Pragmatic Marketing and Lean Product Management.
The change was made sticky through a series of workshops and facilitated sessions that delivered team charters, refined roles/responsibilities and a new planning framework.

The Results

The success of Project Accelerate gives ForgeRock increased clarity and alignment to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its go-to-market operating model. This approach is an upgrade from task managing releases to a strategically synchronized engineering, product management, product marketing, corporate marketing, and sales enablement for better company results.
The framework provides visibility into cross-functional challenges that impact speed to market and identify other go-to-market risks.
The model uses a phased approach that can be easily adapted and adopted cross-functionally for a variety of marketing, product, service, and technology programs.

Key Benefits for ForgeRock

  • Alignment of all teams on roles and responsibilities and cross-team collaboration.
  • Creates a common framework that scales as the organization expands
  • Moves ForgeRock from tracking hundreds of launch activities and tasks to managing GTM accountability, ownership, and outcomes.
  • A playbook approach that improves inter team coordination.
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